EVO vs. its compatible antivirus software applications and the settings

    A. EVO seamlessly works with cost-effective antivirus client software or server-graded antivirus software.

    1. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5,6,7 for Windows / ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server

    B. All you need to do in EVO is simply browsing to antivirus software application folder and double-click on the specified antivirus executable. We take care of the rest.

    C. However, please make a few configuration settings within the antivirus software application:

    1. Disable antivirus real-time scanning

    2. Disable mail scanning and mail-related ports monitoring

    3. Place C \<default EVO folder> in the excluded list

    D. Why do I have to make such configuration settings in step C.?

    1. Most antivirus software applications are not specifically written for mail servers. They may lock up email messages if the scanning result smells like spam or virus.

    2. Also, there comes occasions that antivirus software applications stand in the way if TLS protocol is used along with encrypted passwords between mail servers and mail clients. To remedy this incorrect-password issue, please simply turn off TLS protocol or encrypted password feature.

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