EVO guides you through on what you need to do before EVO software installation. There are several tasks as below:

    1. Server environment - Well-configured hardware and software will unleash EVO Mail Server's power.

    2. Choosing ISP - Wisely choose your ISP consolidate your Internet access with no interruption.

    3. Domain Name - Carefully selected domain name puts you at the right position in Internet community.

    4. IP Reverse Resolution - Justify your IP is free of spamming source.

    5. DNS Hosting - Guide Internet fellows to exactly where you are.

    6. NAT Configuration - If you have a NAT network infracstructure, read it through and properly open ports.

    7. Windows Firewall - Similar to NAT but it is located on your server and you must open ports.

    8. Antivirus - Something you cannot live without but you have to choose the right one.

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